What Will This World be?

Oh, look. Another road has been built.

We build it without any guilt.

Our satisfaction is filled, but nature is killed.

As a creature, we tend to think about our future.

Not the world’s, but ours.

But in the end our future is held by nature.

Temperature is going over the cover.

But if you think about it, it can’t be helped.

We reproduce ourselves over and over.

Our world someday will be filled by humans. A lot of humans. Until this world can’t hold us. It will be over.

Chaos will be everywhere. We fight for food, place, and comfort.

Today we sat here, only to work, eat, sleep, shit.

If you only want to do that, just kill yourself. You can do that in the heaven.


Learning C Programming – C Data Types, I think.

No, no. What do you mean by I am taking this from Wikipedia? Of course not, why are you accusing me?

Ok, moving on.

C data types is the kind of data that you use for a variable. Variable here is a name for a thing. To make this thing not-quite-wide in terms of ‘what is this’, we use data types to converge this wideness.

There is basic data types, and advanced data types.

Basic data types

  • char

char is basically a character. That’s it. One single character.

  • int

int is short for integer. int is VERY WIDELY used for data types, due to its very simple name and people is very lazy to do other variable as a number. Yeah, this is widely used for number, what do you expect from an integer? int can hold from -2^32 ~ 2^32-1 , any number around that, is okay. More or less than that, is not okay.

  • short

Basically an integer but shorter. As the name says. short is just useless unless you have a fucking DOS computer with vibrating floppy disk and 1 GHz processor.

  • long

Oh you need a number more than 2^32? Don’t worry, we have ‘long’ here. long is used when int doesn’t satisfy you. long is a long version of int.

  • long long

OH YOU STILL NEED BIGGER NUMBER THAN LONG HAS? Well, I introduce you, ‘long long’, the tall old cousin that holds very fucking huge-ass number, from −9,223,372,036,854,775,807 to +9,223,372,036,854,775,807. COUGH COUGH sorry I have an allergic to indistinguishable numbers.

  • float

What would you do if you want to make a number that is not round? I mean, say you want a 2.5. How the hell do you do that? Introducing, float, now without coca-cola, ice cream on top, ice, cup, basically not a drink. float is used when you need number with decimals behind.

  • double

Jumbo float.

Every number data type you just read, can be modified with special word.


Unsigned <the number data types> is basically the same size with your normal number data types, BUTT take every possible number on the negative side, move it in front of the maximum number, so you now have DOUBLE (2x) the normal data type. For example:

unsigned long long oohohohohohoho this is so huge like my.. nvm

Normal long long: −9,223,372,036,854,775,807 to +9,223,372,036,854,775,807

Unsigned long long: 0 to +18,446,744,073,709,551,614. WOOOOOW

Now that’s it for now. Don’t wait for me to post another thing again. I have an exam 😦

Learning C Programming – Intro with Code::Blocks

Really? You ask me how to program with C? lol you must be joking.

But on a serious note, I can do some C stuffs, and I can teach you the basic of C programming.

So what the heck is programming?

Programming is something that you do to make a program that solves… things.

No, really, in this kind of method (my method, lol), you only C programming (hehe) as something that do some counting shit. The more advance using of programming, idk how that’s my job to learn it in the future.

Okay then, programming is making a program, so how do you start?

The most basic program you can use is C. And C and its derivative are the fundamental thing on programming. But with my way, we will use it for solving numbers… stuff.

The first thing you need to do is install the IDE.

“THE HECK IS IDE” Well, IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, which is basically something that helps you to program, from writing, checking, executing, and more. The IDE you can use for my tutorial is DevC++ or Code::Blocks. I personally use Code::Blocks because there is an autocomplete feature that helps you when you’re too lazy to write. I am lazy too don’t worry.

CODEBLOCKS LINK (use the binary release)

For DevC++ idk too much lol I am gonna teach you only from codeblocks. But don’t worry programming with DevC++ is pretty much the same if you ask me.

So this is how it looks like after you install Code:Blocks. Pretty, right?

First thing first, look at the top right.

Top Left

See that picture of page with plus? yea that means ‘New’, I am gonna slap you if you didn’t get this. The right of it is load, one more right is save. Didn’t you understand Microsoft Word?

You click the ‘New’ button

Click that page thing button. After that you see this menu. Click on the project. Don’t worry, I also didn’t know why the other thing is there also. Why project, you may ask. Because if it is not project, you can’t check it, you can’t debug it, and you can’t compile it. THERE IS NOT EVEN AN AUTOCOMPLETE 😦 so yeah I suggest you to do this.

Boom. Some shit comes out.

WTF is this, Wraith?? This is uhhhhhhh menu that choose what kind of application you want to make. For this tutorial, Just click Console Application, and you’re good to ‘go’. (See the top right of the picture)

Choose C. We’re not learning C++ for now, alright? My college is a mess and I can’t teach you C++ right now.
Choose where will you put your program. Name it.

TO BE NOTED, DO NOT use Space character on your program’s name. There is something not good behind it so for your own sake don’t do it.

Then press next, and then next blah blah blah. You’re done! Wait a bit.

Notice something on the left side. The arrow’s point. Yeah, the projects.

The Windows icon- I mean, the CodeBlocks icon, if the word beside it is BOLD, it means that that project is an active project, that you will build, run and bla bla bla.

Click sources twice, then click on the main.c twice also, and then…


No, just kidding. You’re not a coder. That code you see is a template for any main.c file for a new project.

Now press F9.


F9 basically a shortcut for ‘Build & Run’. Or I would say, ‘TEST MY PROGRAM NOW’.

Or if you want some conventional clicking, below the dropdown menu, there is a button with GEARS and PLAY icon, beside the blue recycle icon. That’s the button for build and run. Go explore other things inside codeblocks, maybe you’ll find something useful.

just go i am your dad

So that’s all the basic thing for introduction for C programming. Next up we CODE, real CODE. cya



​I am here, not sincere

I just want to make things clear
I don’t want to go any near
It just makes me rip my tear
I’m weak
I’m scared to speak
But please don’t leak
It makes me scared to peek
“You should change your mind”
“Just do an U-turn across the line”
How the fuck would I replace my brain
If everything comes and bind?!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

by me
I am all alone, it gets my bone

I don’t like the tone,

I swear to kill myself, don’t

talk too much, they are still around, inbound, wolfhound, until they found


sitting silently,

watching everybody,

going crazy,

over things that merely

a problem, not hold’em, but problem that only golem totem that can pass through.

We’re in a suit,

wearing new shoes,

without any clue,

and they said, “You thought yourself smart, didn’t you?!”
Kill! Kill! Kill!

They said they want me to chill!

No! I will not chill until they stopped to insist me paying the bill!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

They said they want me to chill!

No! I will not chill until I fulfill my wish to feel free will!
I swear to god,

I swear to my Lord,

if I don’t move from this spot

I will end up in a pool of blood

of myself, am I crazy?

Yeah! I am crazy.

Even though I don’t intend to be.

Is it just from me?
This is far from I can endure.

There’s too many pressure.

“Are you sure?”

Yeah, I’m fucking weak, I’m still pure!
“You’re really a sassy pussy.”

I know, it is nasty.

But it’s so invisible,

I look really classy.
That’s shameful.

No wonder I am a ridicule.

But I should be grateful,

they don’t fuel that with a mule!
Kill! Kill! Kill!

They said they want me to chill!

No! I will not chill until they stopped to insist me paying the bill!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

They said they want me to chill!

No! I will not chill until I fulfill my wish to feel free will!
So what’s the relation?

Well they said it was orientation.

In my position, there was no excalation.

It’s only deterioration.

Facebook Family Irony

They appraised me in every story.
Story about dinner with family.

Really, it is just easy cuisine.

But they didn’t stop to praise me proudly.

I think, why did everybody envy?.

It was just simply a picture of me and family circling in dining table.

Smiling, laughing, doing funny thing and comfortable.

Like the happiest human being.

Below I put a nice quote to represent a happy family.

I found the pic got many likes and reaction, mostly happy.

“Such a happy family.”

“Content family.”

“I am envy.”

They said.

The picture got darker and darker and eventually creating fantasy and mirage. That stereotypically represents a “happy family”.

Lies and irony fulfilled that picture entirely.

The truth was far from reality.

Ethereally escaped from dark honesty.

It was intended to.

Put a big lie to you.

So you’d see me as an ideal crew.

So you’d remember me as I grew.

I kept flew.

Because I knew someday they found out it wasn’t true.

At all.

Black ball keep rolling.

Exposing the truth.

I don’t like being two face bastard.

It just sounds retarded.

But they keep pushing me really hard.

To show them what I have mastered.

Only to show them the good of me.

Only to make them agree.

Only to make them feel great about our family.

Only to show them how big the illusion is.

Facebook happy family is a malady.

Outside we are content and happy.

Inside we have irony and tragedy.

If you’re not happy, don’t show that you’re happy.


Mungkin aku harus belajar menghargai orang lain. Dengan menunjukkannya. Dengar, aku menghargai karya apapun yang muncul dari orang-orang, namun untuk bisa menunjukkannya, Anda harus menanyakannya secara pribadi. Aku tidak bisa menunjukkan penghargaanku atas karyamu jika kamu bertanya sekali pada seluruh khayalak di muka bumi ini secara bersama-sama. Aku akan merasa, akan ada orang yang menjawabnya dan akan lebih baik penilaiannya daripadaku.