​1. Ketuhanan yang kalau sempat

2. Kemanusiaan yang adil kalau peduli
3. Persatuan yang fana
4. Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kekuasaan dalam permusyawaratan partai politik
5. Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh kerabat kapitalisme


What Will This World be?

Oh, look. Another road has been built.

We build it without any guilt.

Our satisfaction is filled, but nature is killed.

As a creature, we tend to think about our future.

Not the world’s, but ours.

But in the end our future is held by nature.

Temperature is going over the cover.

But if you think about it, it can’t be helped.

We reproduce ourselves over and over.

Our world someday will be filled by humans. A lot of humans. Until this world can’t hold us. It will be over.

Chaos will be everywhere. We fight for food, place, and comfort.

Today we sat here, only to work, eat, sleep, shit.

If you only want to do that, just kill yourself. You can do that in the heaven.


​I am here, not sincere

I just want to make things clear
I don’t want to go any near
It just makes me rip my tear
I’m weak
I’m scared to speak
But please don’t leak
It makes me scared to peek
“You should change your mind”
“Just do an U-turn across the line”
How the fuck would I replace my brain
If everything comes and bind?!

Facebook Family Irony

They appraised me in every story.
Story about dinner with family.

Really, it is just easy cuisine.

But they didn’t stop to praise me proudly.

I think, why did everybody envy?.

It was just simply a picture of me and family circling in dining table.

Smiling, laughing, doing funny thing and comfortable.

Like the happiest human being.

Below I put a nice quote to represent a happy family.

I found the pic got many likes and reaction, mostly happy.

“Such a happy family.”

“Content family.”

“I am envy.”

They said.

The picture got darker and darker and eventually creating fantasy and mirage. That stereotypically represents a “happy family”.

Lies and irony fulfilled that picture entirely.

The truth was far from reality.

Ethereally escaped from dark honesty.

It was intended to.

Put a big lie to you.

So you’d see me as an ideal crew.

So you’d remember me as I grew.

I kept flew.

Because I knew someday they found out it wasn’t true.

At all.

Black ball keep rolling.

Exposing the truth.

I don’t like being two face bastard.

It just sounds retarded.

But they keep pushing me really hard.

To show them what I have mastered.

Only to show them the good of me.

Only to make them agree.

Only to make them feel great about our family.

Only to show them how big the illusion is.

Facebook happy family is a malady.

Outside we are content and happy.

Inside we have irony and tragedy.

If you’re not happy, don’t show that you’re happy.

The Right of Being Mad

I can’t be mad
Is it because I’m sad?
Is it really that bad?
It need something to add

Everytime I want to blow up
My head covers the cup
Sounds like a pup
That only needs a rub

I don’t have the right to be furious
Never thought it would be this serious
Maybe this is nauseous
But it feels self-righteous

At home? No, my family will hate me
At workplace? My boss will fire me
At park? It is not a right place to be
At my mind? Probably it will kill me


I am crazy
And lazy
And hazy
Never cozy

I keep holding back each time
I feel my rage is crossing the line
And then I run and decline
Every made-up thought that I design

I want to punch them in the face
And every place
But that is not the case
I just need a space

A space where I will be free
From this cancer and malady
I only can cry internally
Where no one can blatantly see

Media Zaman Sekarang

​Bagaimana jika kita salah?

Bagaimana jika mereka salah?

Bagaimana jika semuanya salah?

Bagaimana jika apa yang sejauh ini kita ketahui itu salah?
Berbagai informasi lalu-lalang berlagak netral padahal jelas-jelas mengacungkan fakta ke satu pihak.

Berbagai orang berbacot ria berlagak tahu akan semua yang sedang terjadi padahal tanpa referensi yang jelas.

Berbagai media menyediakan berita hangat dan pedas yang siap dilemparkan ke orang-orang yang tidak mampu memahami.

Berbagai orang terkena mata pancing dengan umpan hangat dan hanya bisa menggelepar-gelepar ketika tahu hal itu adalah umpan.
Kita semua digiring oleh media yang sama.

Kita semua digiring ke berita yang sama.

Kita semua digiring ke pikiran yang sama.

Kita semua digiring oleh pihak yang sama.
Sejauh mata memandang, tidak akan ada penyedia informasi yang tidak bias.

Sejauh kaki berjalan, hanya secuplik berita yang memiliki keutuhan.

Sejauh pikiran membentang, tidak jauh bedanya berita satu dengan yang lainnya.

Sejauh wawasan berkembang, tidak ada media yang tidak berkepentingan.
Apa? Kesalahan pemahaman penggunaan bahasa Indonesia yang membuat semua konflik ini?

Jadi yang membuat konflik ini terbohongi oleh video, sesederhana itu?


Kalianlah yang dibohongi media.
Kita merasa tahu segalanya, mentang-mentang baca beritanya lengkap di internet.

Padahal yang kita baca baru secuplik berita yang terlihat sudah lengkap.

“Mahasiswa adu mulut dengan tukang parkir setempat. Simak beritanya di”

Ternyata ada kelanjutannya, ternyata mahasiseanya belum dapat kembalian dari bayar parkir.
Kan jadi tidak lucu lagi ketika Anda sudah marah memaki-maki mencaci ternyata berita yang Anda dapat bohongan.
Anda bukan kambing, yang kemana-mana digiring sama media yang ingin menguasai massa.

Anda manusia, mempunyai akal sehat dan mampu berfikir.

Anda mampu membedakan mana yang jelas-jelas ingin membuat kontroversi dan yang tidak.

Anda mampu berhenti membaca berita dari LINE Today, ketika berita itu mengandung unsur-unsur yang memihak sebelah atau memojokkan satu pihak.
Media nowadays pisses me off.

I can’t trust any of it.

If you want the truth, ask them personally.

I don’t care if I am obsolete.

I am a Hypocrite lyrics

I call wrong is wrong
I call right is right
Sometimes I can’t stand with my own words and can’t get it right

I spit my tongue
And feel delighted
A fast thinking and a weak law makes me hypocrite, right?

Never speak again
And don’t dare to explain
But my mind keeps telling me I’m going insane

I said A and B
No it’s Y and Z
I am fucking inconsistent oh can’t you see?

I am a hypocrite
Always think opposite
And my words keep moving
What am I thinking?

I don’t want to speak
I don’t want to leak
Every statement that I seek now is reaching its peak

Why am I writing this?
And then what did I miss?
Then I’m silent and everything feels like filled with bliss

It’s time to turn back
We have our track
Everything’s in pack
Don’t try to attack

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