What Will This World be?

Oh, look. Another road has been built.

We build it without any guilt.

Our satisfaction is filled, but nature is killed.

As a creature, we tend to think about our future.

Not the world’s, but ours.

But in the end our future is held by nature.

Temperature is going over the cover.

But if you think about it, it can’t be helped.

We reproduce ourselves over and over.

Our world someday will be filled by humans. A lot of humans. Until this world can’t hold us. It will be over.

Chaos will be everywhere. We fight for food, place, and comfort.

Today we sat here, only to work, eat, sleep, shit.

If you only want to do that, just kill yourself. You can do that in the heaven.


Facebook Family Irony

They appraised me in every story.
Story about dinner with family.

Really, it is just easy cuisine.

But they didn’t stop to praise me proudly.

I think, why did everybody envy?.

It was just simply a picture of me and family circling in dining table.

Smiling, laughing, doing funny thing and comfortable.

Like the happiest human being.

Below I put a nice quote to represent a happy family.

I found the pic got many likes and reaction, mostly happy.

“Such a happy family.”

“Content family.”

“I am envy.”

They said.

The picture got darker and darker and eventually creating fantasy and mirage. That stereotypically represents a “happy family”.

Lies and irony fulfilled that picture entirely.

The truth was far from reality.

Ethereally escaped from dark honesty.

It was intended to.

Put a big lie to you.

So you’d see me as an ideal crew.

So you’d remember me as I grew.

I kept flew.

Because I knew someday they found out it wasn’t true.

At all.

Black ball keep rolling.

Exposing the truth.

I don’t like being two face bastard.

It just sounds retarded.

But they keep pushing me really hard.

To show them what I have mastered.

Only to show them the good of me.

Only to make them agree.

Only to make them feel great about our family.

Only to show them how big the illusion is.

Facebook happy family is a malady.

Outside we are content and happy.

Inside we have irony and tragedy.

If you’re not happy, don’t show that you’re happy.