​I have been through shit for 3 years. I learnt a lot from that years, alone. Aku menganggap tahun itu  adalah tahun ESQ ku, give or take.

I have felt how horrible this world is, and I don’t want to be part of that. Aku belajar egois, idealis, karena saat itu aku sudah terlalu banyak manut, dan aku mendapat pelajaran keras dari itu. Aku hanya peduli pada hal yang pantas untuk dipedulikan, bukan yang meminta dipedulikan.

Have you ever been in the state where you want to be dead somewhere, seeing who the hell cares with me, because no one had ever cared of me, but death never came to you? I am prepared, before I die I want to do something to the community, rather than living but only being a parasite on earth.


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