I am a Hypocrite lyrics

I call wrong is wrong
I call right is right
Sometimes I can’t stand with my own words and can’t get it right

I spit my tongue
And feel delighted
A fast thinking and a weak law makes me hypocrite, right?

Never speak again
And don’t dare to explain
But my mind keeps telling me I’m going insane

I said A and B
No it’s Y and Z
I am fucking inconsistent oh can’t you see?

I am a hypocrite
Always think opposite
And my words keep moving
What am I thinking?

I don’t want to speak
I don’t want to leak
Every statement that I seek now is reaching its peak

Why am I writing this?
And then what did I miss?
Then I’m silent and everything feels like filled with bliss

It’s time to turn back
We have our track
Everything’s in pack
Don’t try to attack

Back to reff


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